VP-53 Perforator

The VP-53 Perforator is a uniquely designed perforation unit that can be easily set up to any suitable position and allows multiple perforations at the same time. The perforated sheets are flipped over and delivered into a descending stacker. This allows you to perforate on numbered sheets with no added sheet handling.

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High Speed Processing

Air Suction Feeder for VP-66/53 can feed a wide variety of paper stocks ranging from 35gsm tissue paper to 157gsm (VP-66), 208gsm (VP-53). Top perforating speed for VP-66 is 15,500 sheets per hour and 10,000 sheets per hour for VP-53.

High-precision Perforating

The VP-53/VP-66 is equipped with the case-hardened and polished drum.

With its excellent durability, you can make a high quality perforation over a long duration.

Technical Data

Sheet Width 170 mm to 480 mm (18.8 to 6.7 in.)
Sheet Length 480 mm (18.8 in.)
Sheet Weight 30 to 208 gsm
Production Speed 2,500 to 10,000 sheets/hr