The TAC-8 Suction Collator is capable of accommodating the collation of large format forms and calendars printed on a variety of paper from the very light to the heavy coated and textured sheets. Even when collating large sheet sizes, it is possible to achieve up to 3,200 sets per hour from a single tower.

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Sheet Feeding Mechanism

The high capacity feed stations provide maximum production in between re-loads. Accurate feeding is maintained by the easily accessible paper feed controls. Each bin raises automatically to the correct height according to the quality and weight of paper being used. Ruffling and top sheet separation air are easily adjusted at each station to ensure smooth feeding of even the most difficult stocks. Absolutely no tools are required.

Standard Jogger Receiving Tray

This tray was designed specifically to handle difficult- to-align papers such as NCR paper, or those sheets with spot carbon. In order to assure a perfectly aligned stack of collated sets, the jogger, run by an independent motor, vibrates the sets into place. The tray also descends automatically as it receives the collated sets. To reset the jogger receiving tray and continue operation, simply push the foot pedal.

Technical Data

No. of Bins 8 / 16bins
Max. Sheet Size MAX. 470 W x 636 L (18.5” x 25.0’)
Sheet Weight 23 to 230 gsm
Productions Speed 230 to 3,200 sets/hr