Riso MF 9350

High-quality two-color printing makes RISO your ideal partner
RISO is renowned globally for the reliability of its digital duplicators. It is the only company in the world that offers two-color digital duplicators, and is now proud to introduce its most advanced two-color model yet. The MF9350 sets a new gold standard for productivity, cost performance, image quality and operability. Its two-drum layout makes two-color printing faster and easier than ever, with versatile options that are suitable even for small-volume print runs.

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Single-pass process for high-speed, two-color printing

RISO MF series employs a single-pass layout, for faster and more effi cient two-color printing. Unlike using single-color digital duplicators for two-color output, there’s no need to wait for ink to dry, reinsert paper or change drums.

Two colors to create impressive photo images and enrich your communication

RISO MF series lets you communicate your ideas quickly, beautifully, and usefully. Photos and illustrations can be reproduced with more-defined colors to enhance your power of expression.

Easier master-making with improved color separation function

The MF series makes it simple to create conventional two-color masters (Color Separation, Specified Area, Separation Sheet, Color Editor), but its color separation function has also been greatly improved (available only for scanned documents). Just scan your originals, and you can use the touch panel to specify which areas should be in which color. Color separations can be selected from red/black, green/black, blue/black, warm/cool, and chromatic/achromatic. What’s more, sections of an original document that would previously often have been misjudged regarding the color can now be correctly reproduced.

Image data processing raises the bar for 600×600 dpi scanning and printing

This achieves sharp and clear output with the highest image quality.

Enhanced features for clearer output High scanning quality

The newly designed scanner attains smooth tonal gradation even with photo images.

Improved image-processing function

Decreases image deterioration through improved image
processing, delivering clearer output.
• Minimizes blocked-up shadows through enhanced gamma correction
• Sharp outlines with contour enhancement achieved

Ink color variations

21 standard colors, 50 custom colors and special order-made colors
are available. A wide range of printing colors can meet the needs of
a variety of print jobs.

Upgraded high-definition masters: RISO MASTER F TYPE HG

More precise master copies can be made for reproducing
subtle color gradations, clear photo images and even text
written in pencil.
Other various functions for optimum output
• Auto base control
• Tone smooth function
• Four image-processing modes: Line, Photo, Duo, and Pencil

Redesigned, full-color control panel

New, easy-to-use control panel provides intuitive operation. Functions for printing, copying, scanning and managing data are all at your fingertips, logically arranged for intuitive operation on a large 7-inch color LCD touch screen.

Various printing approaches

The MF series offers various ways of printing, depending on your specific requirements.

• Standard equipment of PC-I/F
• Direct printing from a USB fl ash drive
• General SD card compatible for data storage

Print Preview

Scanned documents can be viewed and edited on the LCD panel. This is convenient for confi rming the output and avoiding printing errors.

RISO console

The total management system improves convenience by integrating applications in one place. Product, consumables and system information can all be checked easily on your PC.

Preview and Edit to ensure the desired printing result

Using the printer driver installed on your PC, you can assign colors of your choice to documents when printing in two colors by clicking on the Preview and Edit feature box on the PC screen.

Usage report

The MF series provides RISO Copy Count Viewer for counting users’ printouts, useful for understanding expenses and usage restriction. The aggregate results are available via printout, USB flash drive or email.

Technical Data

up to 150 ppm
600 x 600 dpi
291 mm x 413 mm (11.45 x 16.25 mm)
Paper Weight 46~210 gsm (print) / 40~128 gsm (original)
Original Paper Size Max. 310 x 432 mm (12.2 x 17 in.) ; Min. 50 x 90 mm (1.96 x 3.54 in.)
Max. 320 x 432 mm (12.7 x 17 in.); Min. 100 x 148 mm (3.93 x 5.82 in.)
Master Making Time 57 seconds (Dual) 24 seconds (Mono- Drum 1) 34 seconds (Mono- Drum 2 set only)
Scan Resolution 600 x 600 dpi
Paper Supply Capacity 1000 sheets (64 gsm)
Master Capacity 220 cuts per roll
Ink Capacity 1000 ml
Power Consumption 580 watts
Power Consumption 580 watts