Riso CV 1200

The RISO CV1200 breaks new ground in fast, economical, high-quality printing. Productivity is assured thanks to print speed with 3 levels: 60, 80, and 100 ppm, and the 800-sheet paper feed tray lets you carry out long print runs unattended. Whether you’re a school, an office or a commercial operation such as a printshop, you’ll find it’s the ideal printer for all your jobs.

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High-speed printing of 100 ppm

The CV1200 provides high-speed printing of up to 100 ppm which means 500 pages in just 5 minutes.

Adequate paper capacity

The paper trays have a capacity of approx. 1,000 sheets for feeding and approx. 800 sheets for receiving, which ensures uninterrupted printing over a longer period.

Easy ink and master setting

Setting ink and masters is little more than a one-touch operation: simply insert the ink cartridge and twist into place, or replace the master roll, close the lever and insert the master sheet into the feed area.

Disposal box

The disposal box holds up to 30 used masters, ready for you to throw them away whenever it’s convenient.

Auto base control

Auto base control automatically compensates for originals made on recycled paper, removing the background grayness so your output always has a clear, white background.

300dpi printing

300dpi x 300dpi scanning and printing gives beautiful results with even small letters clear and legible.

Intuitive operation 

Dedicated buttons, give intuitive, no-miss operation.  All tasks are easily controlled at your fingertips.

Convenient USB PC connectivity

With USB cable, you  can simply connect  the CV1200 to your PC.  Directly connecting to a  PC enables higher-quality image printing.


Four scanning modes to best suit your original. Line is for text-only documents, photo is optimized for photos or illustrations, duo gives the best results with documents that are a mix of photos and text, while pencil is for illustrations drawn in pencil.

2 up/2 in 1 printing

2 up lets you print two copies of a single original side-by-side on one sheet of paper, while 2 in 1 lets you print two different originals side-by-side on a single sheet.

Three enlargement and four reduction settings

Easy operation with preset buttons. Just press your required size, it’s fail-proof.

Energy Saving

Energy system with low power consumption.
The CV series consumes 1/10th the energy, compared with ENERGY STAR® guidelines.


Technical Data

3 levels: 60, 80, and 100 ppm
300 x 300 dpi
251mm x 357mm
Paper Weight (Print) 35 to 128 gsm; (Original) 50 to 107 gsm
Original Paper Size Up to 310 x 435 mm (12.2 x 17.12 in.)
Up to 297 x 420 mm (11.69 x 16.53 in.)
Master Making Time Approx 39 seconds
Scan Resolution 300 x 300 dpi
Ink Capacity 800 ml
Master Capacity 200 cuts/roll
Paper Supply Capacity 1000 sheets ( 64 to 80 gsm)
Power Consumption 160 watts
Power Consumption 160 watts