Planamelt is the optimal solution for digital printing. Digital presses use either toner or silicones. Conventional EVA hotmelts, however, adhere very poorly to papers that are covered with toner or have traces of silicone oils. While books bound using PUR adhesives require a curing time of at least 12 hours before it can be moved and trimmed, those bound on Planamelt can immediately be processed and delivered, making it the perfect solution for short-run and on-demand bindery jobs.

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A new league of adhesives

Planamelt is a new revolutionary hotmelt glue based on of a novel polymer structure, developed and manufactured by Planatol Wetzel GMBH of Germany by transferring innovative adhesive technologies from other market sectors to meet the needs of the graphic arts and book binding industries.

Planamelt solves the majority of problems that previously existed in the processing of books, catalogues and magazines. Planamelt is applicable in digital printing and offset printing on an industrial scale as well as for short runs, and reduces process costs measurably.

Planamelt is neither an EVA hotmelt nor a PUR glue, but instead a new innovative category of bookbinding adhesives that closes the gap between conventional EVA hotmelts and PUR adhesives and impresses in the print areas of bookbinding, fold gluing and print finishing with demonstrable benefits. While Planamelt approximates the binding strength of PUR glue, it has the economy and quick drying properties of EVA hot-melts.

Planamelt runs on conventional hotmelt adhesive binding machines, is not reactive and can be re-melted. Due to its very high performance, Planamelt is also suitable for difficult papers and films. At the same time, adhesive application and process costs are reduced.

Many print products – one adhesive

Planamelt is the all-rounder among adhesives and is suitable for all product groups: Magazines, catalogues and books.

Large and short runs

Planamelt is ideal for both large production quantities as well as for short runs. It can be processed at a higher speed because its flow is significantly better than other adhesives.

Planamelt can be used for many different application systems and can remain significantly longer in the glue tank without losing its adhesive properties due to its high temperature resistance. Different binding orders from thick coated stocks and films to ordinary book paper can be met with a single adhesive.

Spine and side gluing

Two in one go: Planamelt R can not only be used for spine gluing, but also for side gluing. With Planamelt S, a high quality side glue is available for especially complex substrates that binds even plastic film reliably.

Planamelt : the advantages of EVA and PUR adhesives

Excellent bonding quality – high heat, cold and oil resistance – good thermal melt stability – small order quantity – applicable to almost all papers and films – simple and fast processing – low process cost.

Many environmental benefits speak for PLANAMELT:

Products bonded with Planamelt can be certified with the “Blue Angel” environmental label. Planamelt also complies 100% with the requirements of the INGEDE 12 method.

Free of carcinogenic substances / OSH

Unlike PUR, Planamelt contains no hazardous isocyanates. Thanks to high quality raw materials, Planamelt melts emits hardly any vapours, which significantly reduces the odour compared with EVA and PUR adhesives. So while the workers must be protected by appropriate measures such as extraction ventilation, masks or gloves when using PUR adhesives, Planamelt can be processed like a traditional EVA hotmelt glue.

Reduced adhesive requirement

Through the significantly thinner adhesive application of Planamelt ompared with EVA adhesives, the amount of adhesive required is generally lower. In industrial practice, permanent savings of over 50% have resulted with optimally adjusted machines.

Recyclable and economical

Planamelt can be used for a wide variety of substrates and can be re-melted without incurring coking. The adhesive properties remain stable at a high level. Residual amounts can therefore be largely avoided. Planamelt can be used in small quantities exactly as required avoiding wastage.

Smart Binding Solution

The addition of Planamelt in Copylandia’s line-up of innovative technological products, has strengthened and complemented the popular Horizon bindery solutions that it is carrying. Although Planamelt can be used easily and conveniently on any available hot-melt system, it has already been extensively tested, used and marketed by Horizon Germany along with the Horizon BQ-270 and BQ470 binding machines.

Planamelt has been tested in the Philippine environment at the Copylandia showroom using Horizon BQ-270V and the results were as expected and similar to the test results in other countries.

Less Maintenance and cleaning

Due to the good cleaning effect of PLANAMELT, the system must be thoroughly cleaned before use in order to avoid a subsequent detachment of adhesive coking from the previously used EVA. This self-cleaning effect means significantly larger intervals can be achieved between basic cleans than with the use of an EVA adhesive. Unlike PUR adhesive binders, it is not necessary to free the equipment of moisture or to clean or seal all the hoses to prevent adverse reactions and the curing of the adhesive.

With Horizon’s reputation for excellent performance and durability and Copylandia’s reliable technical service support, coupled with all the advantages of PUR and EVA technologies combined in Planamelt, the Horizon-Planamelt tandem is indeed the smartest bindery solution available in the Philippine market today!