Develop Ineo+71hc

Colours seen on displays or images shot using a digital camera can express a wider colour gamut than CMYK used for ordinary printing. For this reason, because CMYK ink or toner has a narrow colour gamut of colours such as pink, purple and bright green, colours tend to become dull or muddy when printing RGB images. As the world’s only printer that uses a new toner free of the restrictions imposed by the colour gamut of ordinary toners, the Develop Ineo +71hc offers a solution to such problems.

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Colors not possible to reproduce until now can be reproduced by sRGB approximate colors

Addition to the conventional CMYK colour gamut, one of the greatest features of the Develop Ineo +71hc is its ability to reproduce colours difficult to realise using a CMYK printer such as sunset purples, the pink of flowers, high-key greens and blues. This makes it possible to express the intent of photographers and designers, for example, with greater fidelity in prints. Moreover, prints of items such as apparel catalogues or fashion photographs can be supplied with colours close to the originals.

Reduces restrictions on colors used when creating designs

Prints faithfully reproduce the colours that satisfy the creator’s particular preferences for animation drafts, illustrations or coterie magazines featuring a wide variety of colours such as purples and bright greens. In addition, the develop ineo +71hc also expands the range of reproduction of special colours such as pantones, contributing to the expansion of printing services and enhancement of customer satisfaction.

Outstanding Media Compatibility

Capable of automatic duplex printing using paper of the maximum thickness, bizhub PRESS C71hc comes into its own when creating sales promotion tools using thick paper such as menus and photo books.

Technical Data

up to 71 ppm
1200 x 1200 dpi, 256 Gradiation
321 x 480 mm (12.63 x 18.89 in.)
Paper Weight 64 - 300 gsm
Paper Size Max. 330 x 487 mm (13 x 19 in.) Min. 100 x 140 mm (4 x 5.51 in.) Banner paper: 330 x 1,200 mm (13 x 47.24 in.)
Warm Up Time Approx 420 seconds
Paper Input Ethernet
Supported OS Windows/Mac
Emulation *PCL 5/PCL 6/PostScript 3/PDF 1.7/PPML 2.2/APPE 2.5
Monthly Duty Cycle 330,000