AFC-746 Folding Machine

The AFC-746 adds efficiency to the folding process. The folder is easy and intuitive to set- up, even without a skilled operator, thanks to the intelligent automation and user-friendly design. 17 fold patterns are automatically set by inputting the sheet size and selecting a fold pattern through the large color touchscreen. Equipped with 6 buckles, 1 cross knife and 2 buckles below the knife to support a wide variety of fold patterns.

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User Friendly

A large, color touchscreen control panel is icon-based for user-friendly operation. The graphical touchscreen guides the user through all set-up procedures with ease, and allows fast, easy navigation for all other system operations.

Advanced Automation

3 sections are set automatically by inputting the sheet size and fold pattern through the touchscreen. Accurate stepper motors allow automated fine-adjustment in increments of 0.1 mm. Advanced automation includes setting of the buckle below the knife and fine-adjustment for the knife guide.


Technical Data

Machine Structure 6KTTL (6 buckles +1st fold knife +2 buckles below knife + 2nd fold knife)
Min. Sheet Size 8.27″W x11.695″L
Max. Sheet Size 29.1″W x 43.3″L
Production Speed 36,000 sheets/hr
Fold Patterns 20
Max. Pile Height 47.2″
Sheet Weight 35 to 208 gsm