Jan. 14, 2014 – Schools in Metro Manila now have something to look forward to.

Avin Ugay, Corporate Communications Manager for Copylandia, and Michelle Samonte, Sr. Solutions Consultant, during the newsletter turnover with Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Meneses and the staff of The NCR Primera

Last December, the NCR Regional Office of the Department of Education released the maiden issue ofThe NCR Primera, the DepEd’s official newsletter for schools in the National Capital Region.

As a trusted partner and supplier of several government institutions, Copylandia was approached by the DepEd to sponsor the printing of the inaugural newsletter. From the initial request of 1,000 copies, Copylandia went the extra mile and printed 1,400 copies to ensure that all relevant school administrators in Metro Manila get a copy.

The NCR Primera is helmed by Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Meneses, with Regional Director IV Luz Almeda and Acting Director III Jose Rosales as consultants. Printing sponsorship was provided by Atty. Bernadette Juarez, Executive Vice President and Co-founder of Copylandia Office Systems Corporation.

The 16-page newsletter was printed using the new RISO ComColor 9150, the fastest inkjet printer in the world. The ComColor series uses an innovative cold-printing technology, which does away with the heating process normally used by copiers. This allows it to operate continuously for up to 24 hours, at a rate of 150 prints per minute. In fact, all 1,400 copies of The NCR Primera were printed in less than 3 hours. Avin Ugay, Corporate Communications Manager for Copylandia, was present for the newsletter turnover at the Dep-Ed NCR headquarters in Quezon City.

Besides its blistering speed, the ComColor series delivers the lowest cost per print, going even lower than P0.30 per full color copy. This makes it ideal for institutions with high-volume printing needs, like the DepEd.