For several years, Copylandia has continuously been supporting the Philippine Association of General Service Officers, Inc. (PAGSO). Since the first PAGSO National Convention held at Rembrandt Hotel in Quezon City 14 years ago Copylandia has consistently been a major sponsor of this yearly gathering, catering to the convention’s printing requirements, and providing machines that are raffled out as prizes to event participants. Through the years, Copylandia has been providing the best digital print technologies to different government offices all over the Philippines.

With the theme “Millennial Challenges of GSOs in the Philippines,” Copylandia is once again supporting the 14th National Convention of PAGSO, which will be held at Gateway Hotel and Convention Center in Surigao City.

Copylandia has grown together with PAGSO and has provided different government offices with only the best machines in digital printing that boost office efficiency, productivity as well as increase their savings on printing costs. We have done this with the help of our Riso ComColor machine, the fastest inkjet printer available in the market.

With the trust of PAGSO, we now have 64 Riso ComColor Inkjet installations with different government offices nationwide. All of which are now benefitting from the ComColor’s superb printing capabilities. Allowing them to save millions of pesos in printing costs, eliminate delays in providing printed materials and print different kinds of materials from forms to circulars. These are only a few of the many benefits that you gain by having a Riso ComColor in your government office. Know more about what this brilliant machine can do for you by contacting any of our branches nationwide.