Since 2004, Copylandia Office Systems Corporation has been a loyal partner of the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres Education Ministry in all its events. Once again, as a staunch supporter of SPC’s initiatives, Copylandia was present at the 8th National Paulinian Science Congress, organized by the Ministry’s Science Core Committee.

The 2014 congress was hosted by St. Paul College of Bocaue, in Bulacan. The biennial event ran from February 5 to 8 and brought together the science representatives of all SPC schools nationwide to tackle issues related to science and technology. It also provided an opportunity for student delegates to exhibit their science projects and partake in different competitions. This year’s theme is “Quality Life and Ecological Sustainability through Paulinian Innovation and Research”.

To show its support, Copylandia sponsored the congress’ printing needs by providing its best printing equipment, high-quality materials and technical personnel, just as the company did in past events for the past 10 years. Copylandia engineers were on-hand to assist the staff and student writers of the the ScieCong’s newsletter, The Paulinian Anchor, which had a daily edition during the three-day event and fully sponsored by Copylandia. The company also published a special edition of its own official newsletter, The Copypost, written specifically for the congress.

Copylandia also brought along the one of the most advanced technologies in instant printing and publishing, the RISO COMCOLOR 7150. The COMCOLOR series boasts the world’s fastest printing speed among inkjet printers, while providing the lowest cost per print in the market. The cutting-edge printer uses a revolutionary cold-printing technology, befitting the congress’ theme of innovation. Since its no-heat process consumes far less electricity and reduces paper wastage, the COMCOLOR also ties in with the ecological awareness raised by the event. The printer was installed in the school’s Learning Resource Center for easy access by The Paulinian Anchor’s staff.

To showcase the printer’s capabilities, Copylandia is holding a live demonstration of the COMCOLOR by printing flyers, event collateral and educational materials in front of guests and attendees during the three-day congress. In fact, to highlight the amazing Print on Demand features of the COMCOLOR, fresh copies of The Copypost newsletter were automatically printed, folded and stapled onsite!

The COMCOLOR was also responsible for printing the ScieCong’s official newsletter, The Paulinian Anchor, producing more than 7,000 copies over the three-day summit. With an incredible speed of 130 pages per minute, printing 1,800 copies of the 12-page newsletter took just a little over 2 hours each day!