Our Outreach Program

Copylandia Foundation, Inc. (CFI) is the socio-civic arm of Copylandia Office Systems Corporation (Copylandia), a distributor of copying, printing, and finishing equipment with branches in major cities of the Philippines.

Copylandia Office Systems Corporation’s first outreach activity started in 2010. The objective was to have a team building activity that can engage employees, for them to learn how to relate better with one another. The employees were grouped into teams of 10-12 people and were tasked to identify a community where they can feed poor and hungry children. Each of the 40 teams nationwide was given a minimal budget to purchase ingredients for meals to cook and feed to the children. The teams had to be resourceful and creative given the limitations in time. In the entire exercise, thinking outside the box was immediately put to test.

It was an activity that was worth every peso spent. The employees learned lessons that are valuable in any organization: collaboration, coordination, creativity, resourcefulness, and compassion. The employees also tend to be more kind and considerate to the people around them. The company has decided to do the activity annually as it has proven to be an effective tool for energizing employees. Now, it is an event that everyone looks forward to.

The first year of the activity, Copylandia employees were able to feed close to 10,000 poor children in one day. In 2018, the activity was done twice—one in June, 2018 and another in December, 2019. On both occasions, the biggest number of children fed in one day reached over 24,000. Each team was comprised of 10 to 12 people and most were able to feed 500 or more children. This was truly an outstanding activity for all!

More than 200,000 children have been reached out to since the team building activity was started. Employees always come out of the activity physically tired but mentally refreshed, inspired, grateful, and motivated. The great thing about this activity is that the employees are able to reach out and feed children, most of whom don’t get the chance to eat a decent meal in a day.

CFI wishes to replicate this team building experience by encouraging other individuals to do the same in their respective communities—with their officemates, clients, business partners, family members, friends, and even with people they meet for the first time. One of the goals is to be able to inspire a lot of people to do their own feeding program and help jumpstart a national feeding activity where groups of well-meaning persons can reach out and feed 200,000 hungry children in a single day. A simple act of reaching out can be the beginning of more good deeds all around us.