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Rock Paper Scissors Photography


Rock Paper Scissors Photography

Rock Paper Scissors Photography

Rock Paper Scissors is a creative team of Cebu-based international destination wedding photographers and artists spearheaded by Jeffroger Kho, and Gilby Chua.

Our mission is to give the local photography landscape a jolt in terms of opening people’s eyes to see more than just the usual pretty picture. Our dream is to bring forth the Cebuano artist to a global audience. We want to share with people our perspective on how wedding and pre-wedding photographs could also look and feel like that is outside of the norm. We want to move people to get their portraits taken in the beautiful world outside instead of a constricted studio. We don’t claim to be the best destination wedding photographers out there but we aim high and always challenge ourselves to be better at what we do. We push the boundaries of artistic expression while maintaining a human quality and grounded approach in the shots we take.

This site showcases just a sample of what we can do, but believe us we can do a lot more! With your aid, and our crazy minds, together we will turn your photo sessions with us into an awesome experience you won’t soon forget. The world is our playground. Rock With Us!










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