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Robert Lester Photography


Robert Lester’s passion for the art of photography goes a long way back. He is a self-taught photographer who consistently finds innovative ways to learn. Through the years, he has developed his own style in documenting events, focusing more on wedding photography.

Through the years, he has developed his own style in documenting events, focusing more on wedding photography. His experiences led him to acquire the skills of making the most out of various locations, turning them into sceneries and blending them with varying elements so as to capture their very essence. He further honed his talent by refusing to be limited by the obvious, avoiding visual stagnation. Instead, he tries to be an innovative thinker by covering every possibility and not just simply waiting for the moment to come.

His improvisation provide the much needed emotions – such as joy, tenderness, mystery – that should be a constant in creating delicate profiles and capturing timeless memories. He is also able to showcase his passion as well as his personality through his photography, involving them to appreciate the art and enjoy the intimate experience as well. Such practice provides his photographs not only elegance but also authenticity. He opts for the classic knowing fully well how such photos are able to capture the most real and most raw human emotions creating captured images that when seen 20 years after would still create the same effect to the viewer’s eye and still have the emotional impact it gives today.

He provides consistency in his shoots, capturing breathtaking photos for every wedding he covers as can be testified by previous couples who have availed of his services.

Recently, he even won in the Wedding category in a competition held by the Society of Portrait Photographers of the Philippines. He is the first photographer to win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, entering only 6 entries in the said event. He also won 1st place for the Open Images category, having 3 entries. Despite all these, Robert Lester stays true and believes that you only have to give your best in every opportunity. Good things, if not the best, will surely follow.













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