PF-280 Folding machine

The PF-280 is a compact desktop model with push button controls, LED indicators, and simple fold-plate controls.The operator can quickly dial in the fold and use a test feed button to make certain the fold is where you want it. With the PF-280, you can produce half-folded or cross-folded newsletters, mailers, church bulletins, etc.

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Compact Design with Lower Noise Level

Two sets of folding buckles are horizontally laid out just under the feed table. This design feature makes the entire machine look very compact and contributes to reducing the machine noise. Further, the simple combined setup procedures by the push-buttons and buckle stopper knobs allow you to make quick start-up.

A Wide Variety of Folding Formats

In addition to six standard fold formats, you can make 8-page booklet and 12-page broadsheet fold (cross fold through second pass).

Technical Data

Max. Sheet Size 297x430mm(11x17in.)
Min. Sheet Size 65 x 44mm (2.6 x 1.7 in.)
Folding Speed Up to 190 sheets per minute
Max. Pile Sheet 21mm (0.83 in)
Fold Patterns 6