Features a maximum cutting width of 25.1” and a maximum lift height of 2.7”. The PC- 640 is simple to operate and requires only three steps to complete a job: Set up the cut size, clamp the stock and depress the two hand knife switches. The cutter features a built-in illuminated cut-line indicator to help you easily find the cut line and a precision built backguage that is operated by a hand crank at the front of the table.

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Easy Operation

Clamp the stock by turning the pressure handle by hand, and press the two cutting buttons. The back gauge can be adjusted by 0.5 mm / 0.019″ by turning the positioning handle. The back gauge can be locked when you repeat the same cutting position.

Operator safety

The PC-640 has a double safety circuit. It is hard-wired with secondary safety interrupt for operator safety. The machine does not operate when the front cover is opened. Also, if either of the two cutting buttons is released during the cutting operation, the machine will be stoped immediately.

Technical Data

Max. Cutting Width Max. 640mm / 25.19"
Max. Lift Height Max. 70mm / 2.75"
Max. Cutting Depth Max. 640mm / 25.19” Max. 20mm / 0.79”
Trim Thickness 68.58mm (2.7 in)
Cutting Speed 3.3 seconds per cysle (50 Hz)
Clamping System Manual / Max. About 10kN (1,000 kgf)