HSM SP 4988

The HSM SP 4988 is a high performance conveyor belt document shredder, combined with a vertical press. Material intake is done via a large loading table and electric conveyor belt. The SP4988 has a keypad control for constant operation and reverse as well as automatic reverse in the event of a paper jam.

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  • Low-noise, energy-saving technology
  • Efficient material shearing system for protruding material
    at the press ram
  • Dust scrapers on the inside of the conveyor belt increase both service life and reliability

Technical Data

Cutting Style Particle Cut, Cross Cut
Shred Size 10.5 x 40 – 80 mm
Shred Speed 50 ft./min
Feed Opening 19 1/2” (500 mm)
Pressing Power 85 kilonewton
Bale Size (L x W x H) 500 x 500 x 200-950mm
Bale Weight 20-95 kg
Security Level 1
Shredding Capacity 440 sheets (80gsm)
Weight 3388 lbs. ( 1537 kg)