The Horizon BQ-470 provides simple operation through an automated set-up and superior quality from the first book to the last. The 10.4 inch color touch screen is employed to maximize ease of operation. The BQ-470 also features an interchangeable glue tank for both EVA and PUR adhesives.

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Ease of Operation

Easily operated by anyone in the bindery, the maximum cycle speed of the BQ-470 is 1,350 books per hour (EVA hotmelt glue). The 10.4 inch large color LCD touchscreen maximizes ease of operation. Trouble-shooting screen helps operator maintain smooth production.

PUR Tank and EVA Tank

The BQ-470 incorporates the remarkable PUR binding mechanism and features an interchangeable glue tank, for both EVA and PUR adhesives.

Extended spine length

Spine length is extended to 385 mm / 15.15″. Maximum book size is 385 x 320 mm / 15.15″ x 12.59″ and the maximum book thickness is 51 mm / 2.00″.

Technical Data

Binding Mode Binding with milling/ Binding with milling and Padding
Max. Book Size 320 x 320 mm (12.6 x 12.6 in.)
Max. Cover Size 320 x 660 mm (12.59 x 26 in.)
Cycle Speed EVA (1,350 cycles/hr), PUR (1,000 cycles/hr)
Book Thickness 1 to 65 mm (0.01 to 2.56 in.)
Warm Up Time 60 minutes
Carriage Clamps 4 clamps