AFC-564 Folding Machine

The AFC-546AKTSC is equipped with 6 fold plates, which allows for a wide variety of folding in a minimum amount of floor space. It combines superior feeding and registration with touch-screen control. This automated folder combines a variety of special features in a best-in-class folder.

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Automated Set-up

”17 fold patterns are automatically set by selecting the sheet size and fold pattern on the LCD touch- screen. Each section is set automatically by high precision stepper motors for high quality folding.

Superior Folding Quality

Superior and consistent fold quality is ensured with steel and soft-formed polyurethane combination rollers. A high precision stepper motor is employed for fine-tuning in 0.005 mm steps with a simple touch of the + or – button.

Technical Data

Machine 4KTT( 6 buklets + fold knife + 2 bucklets)
Structure (below knife)
Max. Sheet Size 558 X 850mm (21.96 X 33.46 in.)
Production Speed 40,000 sheets / hr
Fold Patterns 16 pages
Max. Pile Height 700 mm (27.5 in)
Sheet Weight 35 - 220 gsm