Feb. 3, 2014 – It’s not often you hear of a printer that’s printed a million pages.

For St. Paul College of Makati, one million pages are considered routine. The school’s ComColor 9050 printer from RISO recently passed the 2-million page milestone after nearly four years of printing!

SPC Makati boasts the distinction of being the first school in the country to acquire the RISO ComColor back in 2010.

According to Sr. Rosalie Badelic SPC, Finance Officer for St. Paul Makati, the ComColor was chosen for its unrivaled speed, flexibility, and ultra-low printing cost. As the fastest inkjet printer in the world, the ComColor is capable of an incredible 150 colored pages per minute, faster than even black and white printers. “We print a large number of tests every semester. After we got the ComColor, our printing operations became more efficient, thanks to the printer’s amazing speed.”

Mr. Michael Tornuas, the school’s OIC for production, agrees. “Our turnaround time for questionnaires became much faster. We were also able to save a lot by centralizing our bulk printing requirements in this one machine.” As the school’s workhorse, the ComColor is used to print test questionnaires for the grade school and high school. This is no easy feat, considering that monthly and periodic exams have to be printed regularly for the school’s 2,000-plus students.

SisterRosalie Badelic of Finance, Ms. Chit Angeles of the Directress’ Office and Avin Ugay, Corporate Communications Manager for Copylandia Office Systems Corp. with OIC Michael Tornuas and the ComColor 9050.

The ComColor is also used to print memos, announcements, flyers and A3-size posters for school events, making it an indispensable part of SPC Makati’s daily operations. For these colored materials, the cost savings gained by the school are substantial. With printing costs going for as low as P0.30 per color print, full-color pages produced by the ComColor can be cheaper than the black & white printouts of other copiers!

A decade-long partnership

St. Paul Makati’s partnership with Copylandia stretches way before the ComColor. The school first purchased a Minolta (now known as Konica-Minolta) BI copier back in 2004. Nine years later, SPC Makati now boasts an array of multifunction copiers, high-volume printers, and bookbinders, enabling it to have an in-house printing press. The school can even print its own IDs, thanks to a Pebble 3 card printer!

To stay on top, the school recently phased out one of its old printers and purchased a Develop ineo+ 452. The versatile German copier provides copying, printing and scanning services for several departments, including the office of the Directress, the Registrar’s office, the Guidance Center, and the QA office. It is also used for printing school programs, manuals, report cards, and record transcripts. The unit it replaced, an ineo+450 also supplied by Copylandia, printed more than 462,000 pages over 7 years of service. It will now be donated to a sister SPC school in the province.

SPC’s new ineo+452 with its regular users: Joan Yang and Khenn Espanola from the Guidance Office, Viron Factura of the Registrar’s Office, and Mike Tornuas, OIC for Production

However, the best machines are nothing without good technical support. For the past 9 years, SPC Makati was able to rely on Copylandia’s outstanding customer service to ensure seamless, uninterrupted operations.

“There was one afternoon when the ComColor stopped working, just as we were printing a large volume of test questions,” Sister Rosalie recalled. “Copylandia immediately responded. Within a few minutes, a service engineer arrived and we were quickly able to resume printing and meet the day’s deadline.”

By using the ComColor printer and Copylandia’s exceptional customer service, St. Paul Makati can work faster, more efficiently and for a lower cost while providing the high-quality education that is the trademark of SPC schools.