Copylandia is proud to be the official distributor of the Develop brand in the Philippines. According to the 2018 IDC survey, Develop is once again the Number 1 copier brand in the Philippines with over 3,000 copier installations all over the country in 2018 alone. We would not be able to achieve such a feat without the continuous patronage of our valued customers. Develop’s number 1 ranking is made possible by Copylandia’s wide network of branches all over the Philippines and more importantly the trust that you have put in our exceptional products and service.

Copylandia introduced the Develop brand in the Philippines in 2003 to replace the Minolta copier brand. The strong and sustained sales performance of Develop multifunction copiers is made possible by its comprehensive line up of models addressing the requirements of small, medium to large business enterprises, schools, government agencies, and printing companies. It is further fortified by Copylandia’s customer service, ensuring accessibility and availability of consumables, parts and technical service to clients nationwide.

Develop multifunction copiers are popular in offices as they are equipped with easy and intuitive panel handling, multi-touch operation like that of a smartphone or tablet, outstanding security features and low energy consumption. The ultra-fine particles of a Develop HD toner delivers first-class quality for all your output. You’ll notice the smooth gradation for extremely legible text to crisp printing of even small characters.

Develop has a strong line up of digital production printing machines which have been patronized by commercial printers and have a proven track record in the Philippines. Supported by Copylandia’s unparalleled costumer service, Develop multifunction copiers have continued to enjoy the trust and patronage of the Philippine market.