Copylandia recently sponsored the printing of the Department of Education newsletter, The NCR Primera. As a trusted partner and supplier of government agencies, Copylandia was approached by the Dep-Ed NCR Office to help publish their SY 2014-2015 newsletter. The company previously sponsored the printing of the school newsletter for SY 2013.

Once again, the request was graciously granted by Atty. Bernadette Juarez, Executive Vice-President and Co-founder of Copylandia Office Systems Corporation.

The project was a joint effort between Copylandia Office Systems and Copylandia Services and Trading, the mother company of the famous Copylandia chain of printshops. OS did the printing using the ComColor Bus’ onboard CC 7150 inkjet printer. The paper and finishing services were provided by CSTI, led by Operations Manager Rod Pagdilao.

The CSTI operations team hard at work. From L-R: Connie, Len, Rod, Nikki, Alex, Abby and May

At the time, the ComColor’s Multifinisher module was en route to our exhibit in Print & Label Davao. Each copy was manually folded and stapled by the CSTI operations team, consisting of Nikki Agudera, Maylanie Alimon, Alex Arguelles, Connie Dela Cruz, Abegaile Hermoso and Marilen Geroca. Thanks to the highly proficient and motivated team, all 1,000 copies were folded, stapled and packed in less than a day, far in advance of the projected three days.

The freshly printed editions of The NCR Primera for SY 2014-2015 are set to be distributed this September.

The newsletter sponsorship shows what Copylandia is capable of when two different companies combine their talents and resources for a noble cause.

The CSTI team under Operations Manager Rod Pagdilao with the finished copies of “The NCR Primera”