What’s better than one ComColor Bus?

TWO ComColor Buses of course!

Always at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, Copylandia Office Systems Corporation recently launched its second ComColor Bus. The custom vehicle acts as the mobile showroom for the new ComColor 9150 by RISO, the world’s fastest inkjet printer with the lowest cost per print in the market.

“We want everyone to experience first-hand the benefits of the new ComColor, how they can now print in full-color, on demand, and at the lowest cost”, said Feliciano Juarez Jr, CEO of Copylandia Office Systems Corporation. “We want to bring it to them. We want them to hop aboard and experience the print-on-demand capabilities for themselves. And this second bus will help bring this technology faster around the country.”

Not your ordinary bus

The ComColor Bus is a brand new 30-seater Toyota Coaster that’s been retrofitted into a showroom on wheels. Onboard is a state-of-the-art ComColor 9150 printer and an optional Multifinisher module that allows automatic folding and stapling. With a crew of two (driver and service engineer), the bus carries enough paper and inkjet supplies for extended demo tours.

The first bus was launched last October. So far, it has accumulated over 5,000 km on the road, going as far north as Vigan in Ilocos Sur to as far south as Sorsogon. Along the way, it visited government institutions, corporations, schools and printing presses. It also provided onsite printing of flyers, posters and documents needed by these organizations for free.

While the first bus tours Luzon, the second ComColor bus will be boarding a RO-RO for the Vis-Min region. It will kick-off its maiden voyage in Mindoro, followed by stops in Caticlan, Roxas, Iloilo and Bacolod… and that’s just for the month of March. The bus will be roaming the Visayas all the way to Naga, before returning to Manila in July.

Mr. Juarez believes the ComColor series will revolutionize printing. Compared to conventional copiers, the ComColor offers better efficiency and higher cost savings due to its record-breaking speed, longer operating time and unmatched cost per print.

And thanks to the second ComColor Bus, this piece of good news will travel faster and farther than ever before.

Call us up for a FREE demonstration, and the ComColor Bus will come to you!