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Guadalupe Church



Nuestra Senora de Gracia Parish


Guadalupe Church is a 400 year old church which has become a favorite church wedding venue option for many Filipinos. The church was formerly called Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe and was founded by Augustinian fathers. The construction of the church was done in 1629 with its architecture reminiscent of late Spanish Renaissance and early Baroque architecture. The main entrance has the usual rose window and simple Doric columns of the Renaissance period, but the details on the window and interior are simply Baroque-influenced. The architecture is a hodgepodge of details including the fact that the church’s floor plan is typically Romanesque and not Renaissance.




  • NUMBER OF PRINCIPAL SPONSORS Only six pairs of ninongs and ninangs are normally allowed. If the couple insists on having more than six pairs of the principal sponsors, there will be additional charge of Php200 per pair.

  • NUMBER AND AGE OF ENTOURAGE The ring/Coin/Bible bearer and flower girls should be 4 years old and above and should not need the assistance of parents or guardians when marching down the aisle to avoid delay in the ceremony.

  • AREA FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS/VIDEOGRAPHERS Photographers/Videographers must stay in one place especially if it is near the altar. No stepping from one point to another. No stepping on the sanctuary.

  • RECESSIONAL FAVORS Confetti,lose petals, doves, bubles and butterflies will not be allowed as extended greetings inside the church.

  • OTHERS Pets are absolutely not allowed inside the church.




Contact Info


Address: 7440 Bernardino St.,
Guadalupe Viejo, Makati City
Landline: 896-8444 / 895-9141


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