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Eugene Martinez Photography



Eugene Martinez Photography

A wedding is, ultimately, a celebration of love–not only of the one shared by the marrying couple, but that which drew all the guests together to witness such a momentous event. For professional wedding photographer Eugene Martinez, precisely capturing such a powerful emotions is his role in covering weddings. As his business name–Art of Love Photography–suggests, his photos aims to inspire people about what love can do.

Since he immersed himself in photography in 2008, Eugene has already attended various classes and workshops, and has even won awards. Aside from finishing his bachelor’s and master’s degree in Business Administration, he also underwent training for Commercial Portrait Studio Photography, Commercial Product Photography, Advanced Photography, Wedding Photography, Video Production, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier, and Adobe Dreamweaver.

After getting married in 2009, Eugene then ventured into the wedding industry. He refined his skills by attending workshops by reputable wedding photographers, such as Lito Sy and Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto, and he developed his own style that allowed him capture special days dedicated for love.

Eugene sees a wedding as a time to celebrate friendship, family, forgiveness, and acceptance. “You can imagine the amount of emotion you can capture the entire day,” he says. The mix of tears, laughter, smiles, and embraces pushes Eugene to working with his camera non-stop. “Everyone is also dressed in their best, which allows me to take the best portrait photos not only of the couple, but of everyone as well,” he adds.

When it comes to his shooting style, Eugene says that he can be versatile. While he usually prefers a natural look for his photos, he can adapt to different styles, depending on the personality of his clients or the theme of the wedding. With every endeavor, Eugene invests time and effort in getting to know his couples. Moreover, he constantly educates himself about new styles, poses, and techniques by reading magazines, checking websites, and even observing couples in public places.

With his dedication to deliver the best for his clients, Eugene immortalizes each couple’s wedding moments into pieces of art.










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