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EMC Creative Photography

Edeliza Miranda Co have been in arts since elementary school and began studying ‘ Visual Arts ‘ and ‘ Graphic Design ‘ in college at Far Eastern University in 1996. She took Fine Arts Major in Advertising where she was introduced to photography. She was struck by its magic “Capturing Beauty of Life through the Lens.”

She didn’t set out to be a wedding photographer, but found fate pushing her in this direction. She immersed herself in studying everything she could find about wedding photography, she learned quickly and the brides loved the images.

She loves photography in all senses, but her passion is people, and more specifically, photographing a person’s best expression, best angle and their best overall moment. She doesn’t really have a specific style, she just try to make people look beautiful.

She believes that the quality and mix of styles of her work will set her apart. She offers her clients personal service. Her passion and excitement have always worked for her. Passion is contagious. Her clients feel the buzz, and that buzz helps set her apart from the rest.

She is a recorder of moments. Moments that are so precious and fleeting, that you want to hold them – just as they are, and safely tuck them within the safest, deepest part of your heart, to ponder over a lifetime. Her greatest joy as a photographer, is in collecting these moments, and making them tangible.

A few characteristics you can expect all of her weddings to depict are: People being themselves / Pretty / Natural and Candid Moments / Simplistic Compositions

She’s been humbled to have her work seen in several national wedding magazines such as Martha Stewart Weddings Philippines, Themes and Motifs professionals catalog and Brides Manila Magazine. She’s also been featured on artist blog such as Get Inspired Magazine.

Being a photographer completes being who she really is, she’s always been thankful for those wedding clients, and the income that allowed her to do what she loves.







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Address: 899 P. Herrera St. Brgy. Agujo, Pateros Metro Manila
Tel. Nos.: 571-9159/ 0915-5453621
Email: info@emccreativephotography.com



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