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Barasoain Church



Barasoain Church


The Church of Barasoain was one of the historical churches in the Philippines because it is in this place where the Philippine Constitution was drafted and ratified. The Church was founded by the Augustinian Missionary. It was reported that it started as early as in 1816, when Fr. Melchor Fernandez built a small ermita in the visita of Barasaoain. It was also reported that the original church was only made of bamboo and nipa hut.

Barasoain is said to be a replica of the Barasoain Church in Navarra, Spain. In its convent the Universidad Literaria Cientifica de Filipinas was first housed. Part of Barasoain Church is the Barasoain Church Historical Landmark Museum where one can see famous paintings on the ceilings on the dome. The light and sound museum is under the management of National Historical Institute. This museum is devoted to preserving the fruits of the Philippine-Spanish Revolution as well as freedom and the Filipinos’ heritage of democracy. It houses a collection of religious artifacts from all over Bulacan.





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Landline: (044) 662-7686
Address: Malolos City, Bulacan
Website: http://www.barasoainchurch.org


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